We are local private investors in industry

We acquire B2B businesses in Kent and Sussex

We invest in industry!

Alex Pawle and Stephane Leduc

Kent Business Investors

We invest in industry

We are local investors: high net-worth, Kent-based former business owners having recently sold their respective companies. We acquire B2B companies in Kent and Sussex. We contribute to each acquisition using our own money. 

Our funds come from the sales of the businesses we founded. We are looking to reinvest this money in a Kent or Sussex business such as yours. We are private individuals, not business brokers, City operators or from a corporate giant.

Kent Business Investors Limited acquired in March 2020 precision engineering company Pegasus Precision Limited, based in Ashford, in a multi-million pound deal.

In March 2021, KBI acquired indEx Enclosures Limited, based in Ashford.

In this deal, Alex Pawle and Stephane Leduc, both business owners having recently sold their respective companies, invested their own cash. Alex and Stephane will invest on future deals, through Kent Business Investors Limited, with their network of high net worth former business owners.



We are business owners and investors, based in Kent, passionate about manufacturing in the UK.

We use our own funds and those of our investor friends to acquire B2B businesses in Kent and Sussex

We always look for win-win deals.


We are looking to invest in and apply our business growth skills to B2B companies which fit the following criteria

in Kent or Sussex

or positioned on a niche market

Mature (at least 10 years old)

or offering recurring products or services

manufacturing a product or a range of proprietary products


We are especially interested in the precision engineering and instrumentation sectors.


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Alex Pawle


Alex is the founder of a successful business: Mot-Tech (35 employees), based in Paris, which provides secretarial services to large companies. 

This company was sold in June 2019. Alex has reinvested a part of the proceeds in Kent Business Investors.


Passionate about small business, he is dedicating his whole career to building businesses which operate independently of their shareholders, are profitable, and driven by a few common sense values.


At KBI, Alex intends to reproduce the key lessons of his business success with all his portfolio companies:


  • Financial control (focus on profit first) ;

  • Sales and marketing focus ;

  • Continuous process improvement.


Alex lives near Wye, Kent, with his wife and 2 children.


Case Studies

Closing the deal.jpg

Alex Pawle selling his company to Steven Thepaut, surrounded by bankers

Steven Thepaut, new owner of Mot-Tech, says:


"From a tiny office in 2003 with a phone/fax machine and second hand computers as sole assets, to the current state of Mot-Tech as a very profitable, well run, ISO-9001 company, with 35 full time employees, we have covered a lot of ground. Alex is to thank for most of the improvements in the processes we have undergone during these past 15 years. He transformed us from a fledgling moth of a business into a profitable company, and am grateful for having learnt with him, all these years, how to do good business. Alex also has been a respectful negotiating partner in our current MBO. He has been fair on valuation and has worked hard with me to get to a win-win situation that works for everyone. I recommend him to a business seller as a safe pair of hands for your business.

Please write to me for more information about Alex on:"

Our funds

We have adequate financial capability to acquire or invest in companies.

Most business acquisitions in the UK are financed by a mix of equity (the buyer’s cash), debt and deferred consideration. Some of the proceeds from the sales of our respective companies will constitute the equity portion. If required, our extensive relationships with lenders and debt funds will allow us to raise the necessary debt

We are serious investors, having experience of buying companies. Please click the press articles to the right to learn more about our latest deals.

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