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Get to know Alex Pawle

I am a business owner and investor based near Ashford, Kent, UK.

I started a B2B company in 2003 which has now grown to 35 employees, with strong sales and healthy profits as well as an amazing management team. We are proud of our ISO-9001 certification, which we take seriously. I have increased the profit before tax regularly, every year. I sold this company in June 2019.

​The journey to becoming the business owner I am today has been at times exhilarating, tedious, stressful and fun. But it is a journey that taught me much and made me many great friends.

I am proud to have created a business that operates and grows without me, whilst retaining my values and vision.

I would like to apply my business skills to a new company which I would like to invest in or acquire. The acquisition will be financed using the proceeds from the sale of my business. With the help of the company's existing team, I will focus my work on improving sales and marketing, financial control and profitability, and through continual improvement, reach the next stage in the company's proud history.

Should we do I or he?

Meet Stéphane Leduc

Stephane Leduc is a French entrepreneur. Based in the Uk since 2013, he plans to move back to Kent, not too far from the coast (and from the tunnel). He started a book publishing business in Paris with his father in 2002. Leduc.s Editions’ line « books for a better life » has been a success with a two digit yearly growth during more than 15 years. The company has been sold in December 2018 to the French family owned group Albin Michel. In 2015, Stephane met Nick Eddison who wanted to sell his business. Eddison Books took over the activity of Nick’s 3 companies. The group needed some restructuring and is now back on the way of growth under Lisa Dyer’s management. Stephane has taken the position of Chairman to
In 2018 during Nick Eddison’s retirement party. After 3 years working together, Nick is thanking Stephane for having kept his name on the business and Stephane is wishing Nick well for all the trips he had in mind.


Steven Thepaut, new owner of Mot-Tech says

"From a tiny office in 2003 with a phone/fax machine and second hand computers as sole assets, to the current state of Mot-Tech as a very profitable, well run, ISO-9001 company, with 35 full time employees, we have covered a lot of ground. Alex is to thank for most of the improvements in the processes we have undergone during these past 15 years. He transformed us from a fledgling moth of a business into a profitable company, and am grateful for having learnt with him, all these years, how to do good business. Alex also has been a respectful negotiating partner in our current MBO. He has been fair on valuation and has worked hard with me to get to a win-win situation that works for everyone. I recommend him to a business seller as a safe pair of hands for your business. Please write to me for more information about Alex on:"

Our Funds

We have the adequate financial capability to acquire or invest in companies.


Most business acquisitions in the UK are financed by a mix of equity (the buyer’s cash), debt and deferred consideration. Some of the proceeds from the sales of our respective companies will constitute the equity portion, and our perfect Experian credit scores, combined with the financial strength of the company, will allow us to raise the necessary debt.

Meet Our Advisory team

My dealmaking advisory team has a proven history of facilitating win-win deals. They will guide me so we can proceed confidentially and with minimal interruption into the business owner’s activities.


Ted Leverette 


 Business acquisition adviser

Ted is the founder of “Partner” On-Call Network, which helps independent buyers to acquire a small or midsize business.

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Andrew Griggs


 Accountant& corporate finance adviser, Kreston Reeves

Andrew advises me on the financial side of an acquisition, and provides due diligence services. He is based at the Kreston Reeves office in Chatham, Kent. He is Kreston Reeves’ Senior Partner.

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Jeremy Over


Commercial solicitor, Moore Blatch

Jeremy and his team at Moore Blatch draft the legal documentation and will help with legal due diligence.

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Mark Vickery


Finance broker, QED

Mark is an experienced ex-banker specialised in helping buyers raise the necessary acquisition finance from a variety of sources. Mark advises me on how and where to raise money for buying a business.


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